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Sports Media offers Licensing
and Marketing Services.

Sports Media, Inc. helps companies obtain Sports Product Licensing for the use and distribution to Brand Marketers and Advertisers archival video and still images along with various league logos imbedded in media products to create Sports Media products for advertising, marketing and other promotional uses. Sports Media offers access to past player images, video, and logos for media products, these media assets can be used to create themes across one or more sports.

Here’s how Sports Media works;

1. Sports Media can provide licensing with very few steps and a very simple process. Licensing can be issued in as little as 60-90 business days or up to one year depending on your situation.
2. If your product is not patented Sports Media will prepare a non disclosure agreement if required and email it to you for your signature, this way you can feel assured that your project will be handled in confidence.
3. Submit your product and or concept details, photos and in some cases samples to Sports Media for evaluation.
4. If your product or concept is accepted by Sports Media for licensing, you will be issued an acceptance memo and may be required to deposit a retainer with in ten (10) days as a non-refundable application fee. (Note: Once Sports Media issues preliminary approval and you decided not to move forward you shall forfeit any deposit paid.) Call a representative for additional fee information.
5. You will now have an opportunity to select leagues and/or schools throughout the United States in the Sports Media network to license your product.
6. Sports Media will present your product to the selected leagues and/or schools for approval through our licensing network.
7. Once Sports Media receives preliminary approval from the leagues and/or schools your licensing fees shall consist of monthly royalty fees ranging from 15% to 20% of the manufacture cost and an advance royalty fee ranging from $1,000 to $25,000. Most licensing agreements are good for two (2) years, allowing you ample time to set up production and distribution.

8. A final contact shall be issued and the advance royalty shall become due under an approved payment plan.
9. At this stage, Sports Media shall deliver the art work, videos and logos for you to prepare your media product for final approval.
10. Sports Media issues final approval and you start producing your product.
11. Your first royalty payment shall become due once your advance royalty is exhausted, royalty fees are then paid monthly based on production.


College Sports has the longest selling season of any major sports licensor, starting in August and running through June. College market sales have consistently been on the rise the past three years. Sales of non-apparel products continue to be on the upswing as percentage change has recently been in the double digits. College sports fans dominate consumer spending: 2.7 Billion Collegiate licensing increases sales 41% larger consumers base than non-college sports fans 103% larger consumers base than non-sports fans Call Sports Media Today for a FREE Consultation

Put your Product in the Game Today with Sports Licensing and Sports Media

Sports Media Licensing Benefits:

  • Sports Media assist clients in procession licensing applications with professional sports leagues, schools and through existing licensees.
  • Sports Media is a media licensing representative of Collegiate Images which covers over 200 major college sports programs, the top athletic conferences, bowl games and major networks.
  • Sports Media can assist in branding any product or service.
  • Sports Media can provide you with compelling video and still images that are cleared for both commercial and promotional use.
  • Sports Media is able to assist in licensing your project in the shortest period of time.
  • Sports Media offers complete CD replication services and can personalize each CD.
  • Sports Media allows licensees to brand theme programs like, “Greatest Running Backs of Texas”, “Basketball Stars of the 90’s” or “Pac 10 All Stars”.
  • All Licensed media product shall be affixed with the officially licensed consumer product logo.
  • Own your own merchandise store
  • Own your own brand image art gallery
  • Own your own NTF's with lifetime residuals when sold or traded
  • Manage your own social media with ai autopilot
  • Learn how to handle your finances with Money Smarts ai
  • Includes access to Sports Media premier internship program