Any Product, Any Sport, Worldwide

Sports Media, Inc. assists Clients in obtaining Sports Licensing for use and distribution to Brand Marketers and Advertisers of archival video and still images along with various Teams, Leagues and School logos to create Sports Media products for advertising, marketing and other promotional uses. Sports Media offers access to past player images, video, and logos, these media assets can be used to create themes across one or more Teams, Leagues or Colleges using your newly licensed product or themed products from Sports Media.

Everyone needs a Sports Agency

Sports Media, Inc. offers a media buying services, we work for ad agencies as well as independent advertisers, placing advertising in stadium and arenas throughout the Worldwide. If you're looking for a Jumbotron 30-second spot or TV rotational, local or national media placement, Sports Media can place both traditional and non-traditional advertising. Our knowledge base of the current availability of stadium and Arena media opportunities and the 'cause-related' sector is unrivalled, because of our very close link with sporting venues. .

Sports Media planning service incorporates traditional, non-traditional, hospitality, sponsorship and exclusive Sports Media products together to exceed any advertisers expectations. Sports Media recognized that the success of any media plan hinges on the strength of the buying strategy employed in its implementation. To achieve a great buying result requires the same quality of strategic thinking which should be applied to media planning.

Sports Media Creative

A full-service creative boutique specializing in live­ sports and sports-related creative specifically targeting the Sports Fans .

Sports Media has been telling clients and their agencies for years that the customers we put them in front of should be considered sports fans, first, and consumers second. Savvy Sports Media will be able to lend a hand in crafting creative messages that ring true with fans. It's Sports Media view that the creative aspect of sports marketing is as much a niche specialization as the media piece, Sports is a category in and of itself. For the creative to really be effective, you have to incorporate knowledge of the sport into the brand's presentation and not lose the essence of what the brand means to its customers.

Available options include, in stadium, television, radio, print, events, hospitality, digital, promotions, sampling and partnerships. Put Your Name in the Game.

Product Sampling In Stadium and Arenas

Reaching Sports Fans with Coupons and Sampling has never been easier

Sports Media has it – a way to distribute thousands of samples seamlessly through one marketing platform. It’s one-on-one access to thousands of consumers in the mood to buy. Get up-close and personal with your target audience in Stadiums and Arenas. Product sampling can reach an extremely large audience and be extremely targeted. Stadiums and Arenas are perfect examples of a targeted environment. In fact, Stadiums and Arenas sampling campaigns are always successful. Sports Media's brand sampling campaigns place trial-size product samples or take one brochures in the hands of consumers in an unique, memorable, and non-traditional fashion.